When to let go

Jesus was and is everything to everyone. He is the "all things to all men" and did so that he may save those with a heart and desire to be saved. He was love for a world that knew not love and became sin for a world that only chose sin. Jesus suffered to give us peace. His sacrifice also left us with an important question to answer.

Be hated by the world and loved by God or loved by the world and rejected by him?

Receiving the goodness of God requires us to let go. It may not always make sense and our flesh will make us second guess ourselves but we must push on.

Hidden intentions

Judas was chosen to be a disciple. He stood alongside his brethren and blended in as one of the twelve quite easily. He looked legit but finally showed his true colours, giving in to the deceitful desires of his heart. What stood out to me was the manner in which Jesus addressed Judas upon leaving. There was no major confrontation. He simply let Judas go about his business.

Hello darkness

The audacity of Judas returning to Jesus like an old friend is a testament to just how ruthless the enemy is. Awareness of this should tell us, he's not something we want to play with. In the book of Matthew, Jesus tells us that when the unclean spirit leaves a man, he roams around restless and then tries to return home once he finds his old place clean or the "coast clear". He takes seven other spirits stronger than himself to do so and the last state of the man is now worse than the first state.

Judas was a demonstration of this story. He was the evil spirit that left. Christ simply let him and his evil desires go. There is something in our nature that only desires worldly things. It does not make us a bad person, simply human. We may be simply human but we are offered the privilege of being greater in Christ.

“Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.”

1 John 4:4

Judas returned as a friend because that old wicked spirit in us simply wants us to let our guard down and return to the "good old days". The result of us going back to our old ways is what Christ demonstrated in giving himself up. That old wicked spirit overpowers us and we are slowly lead to our death.

Empty vessels

We are asked to be filled with the Holy Spirit as we replace what was once in us. We replace the wicked spirits that had us slaves to the world. Slaves to our expectations and what others may think of us. The type of slavery that leads to a swarm of emotions which render us desiring physical means of suppression.

And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit

Ephesians 5:18

This is where we came from and should never want to return to. Don't grieve the Holy Spirit. When the anointing of David drove the evil spirit out of Saul, he found peace. The same Saul would later hunt David down in attempts to kill him. An example of how easy it is for an evil spirit that leaves us to return again. David was faced with this reality in his later life as well. Though he fell to his temptations, he had no desire to be handed over to wickedness.

Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy holy spirit from me

Psalms 51:11

The mystery of iniquity is at work. Anything that keeps us from knowing God, we have to let go. Letting go is always difficult but always necessary. God created everything and it was good. All were made free from sin but sadly we turned it into a free for all. Time to make a change. What did Jesus say?

Religious traditions...just let it go. Matthew 15:3

False doctrines...just let it go. Matthew 15:9

Our opinions on the word of God...just let it go. Luke 5:22

Trusting in earthly salvation...just let it go. Matthew 19:23

Unforgiveness...just let it go. Matthew 6:15

Pride...just let it go. Matthew 13:15

Learn to let go and watch the power of God be fully revealed in your life. Grace, peace and be blessed.