The only coronavirus cure

What if I told you I have the cure? What if I told you, you have it too? Would you share it or keep it to yourself? This only works if you share it with as many as you can. It has a 100% success rate and has been proven to work. Why don’t we try it? It’s not the popular thing to do. It requires us to humble ourselves and admit we don’t have the answers. It takes doing something we no longer see as necessary.

Only one thing can stop the world in it’s tracks. Only one entity is powerful enough to confound all the world’s leading minds. The year 2020 has been an eye opener. Being the year of perfect vision, a lot is being exposed for what it is. Without the machine of idol worship behind them, celebrities have been seen for what they truly are – human beings. Human beings who get paid exorbitant amounts to do what regular people do every day. There is no celebrity without fans thus fans give celebrities their power. Why would you worship something you give power to? The answer is you shouldn’t but it’s nothing new.

An idol is simply an image. It only becomes an idol when you worship it and give it authority. There’s only one authority and one worthy of our praise. The Almighty creator of heaven and earth is a jealous God (Exodus 20:5). Would any father want their child calling another man dad? Jesus Christ was put to death and man chose to idolize him rather than follow his commandments even though he pleaded in the old (Exodus 16:28) and the new (John 14:15).

Man has always followed this pattern. Adam and Eve were created by a God they could not see and chose to follow the serpent instead. Moses left for mount Sinai and his people created a golden idol in his place. The Most High made it very clear what he thought of man’s idols, making very light work of them (Exodus 7:10-12). In Numbers 21:9, we see one of the most known idols today – the ancient symbol of healing or Nehushtan. The idol desperately trying to stop the world from falling apart right now. The same idol the LORD had King Hezekiah destroy (2 Kings 18:4) for its idol status among the people.

So, where have our idols landed us? History tells us Christopher Columbus landed us here as he did most of the Americas. Surely, he has the answer to Covid-19. None of our secular or non-secular idols have a clue (Exodus 5:14). Idols have landed us exactly where the prophet Isaiah told us they would. They embarrass themselves and all who follow them (Isaiah 44:9-11). Every good joke must have a bit of truth in it. If our beloved comedian idols know who to call, why don’t you?