The beginning of wisdom

A healthy fear of God is important. When I was a child, I feared my parents. I feared them because they were bigger than me and my limited understanding told me that they could destroy me if I disobeyed them. When I grew up, that fear matured. I no longer feared them because of their size, I feared them because I grew to understand their significance to my existence. They provided protection in a roof over my head, food to sustain me daily and love to nourish my soul.

When we learn to fear God, he begins to open up our understanding. The opposite of that fear is pride. Sometimes, we have a difficult time accepting an idea that’s presented to us because we can’t visualize it in our minds. We need someone to paint the picture for us. Many, if not all the prophets of the Old Testament had a healthy fear of God and prophesized of the coming salvation. Fearing God was the beginning and Jesus Christ was the revealing of God’s understanding to man.

Wisdom is not attained by having read a couple of philosophy books nor is it demonstrated by our accomplishments. Wisdom is having the humility to acknowledge that in the eyes of God we know nothing and being willing to learn everyday.

An abundance of knowledge makes us prideful but it is love that truly enlightens us.

To fear God is to love God. Ask God questions but don't question him. His thoughts are not our thoughts. His way may not always be to our liking as far as style and timing. We may desire quick results and a show of force, while our God is patient and gentle. He never fails and is always on time. Trust in God beyond all reasonable understanding.

Pride hardens our hearts and causes us to reject the knowledge of God. It caused people claiming to be of God, in times past and present, to overlook Jesus Christ as just another prophet and his teaching as a strange new doctrine.

We all start off as children in the world and in the eyes of our Father in heaven, we will always be his children. He is the loving Father who knows best. Accepting that it is his will be done and not ours is when the true wisdom begins.