Stirring up the remnant

I spent a couple years on the sidelines before I answered the call for God. I grew up in sports so I know what it feels like to wait for my chance. That being said, looking on from afar is not something I was used to. I’ve always been in the game. As much as I wanted to get on the field there was a growing phase I needed to undergo. I was on fire for God but I needed to understand him more so I got deeper into his word, stayed in prayer and praised him all the while. Then came time for me to show my faith through my work.

Most reference the story of David and Goliath for the fact that David slayed a man that towered over him in stature. It’s an incredible feat worthy of praise but there’s something not often talked about. David was one of the youngest in the tribe of Israel at the time (1 Samuel 17:14). There’s something that age cannot teach and that’s a love for the God. When you have it, you have it. No one assigned David this impossible task, he took it upon itself. No credentials and no recommendations from his elders. Simply, a genuine love for God which brought forth a desire to fight for him. That’s all that’s needed.

Today we define men and women of God by their accomplishments. Take away their elaborate robes and learned speech, do we see a love for God in them? What were David’s credentials by our standards today? David came up under Saul. Surely Saul was more qualified to battle Goliath. David's love for God made him the man for the job. When you fight for God, he fights for you. If you love God, you can work for his Kingdom. David left the herd and joined the fight (1 Samuel 17:22). I hope you to do the same.