Preparing the bride

The body of Christ is the bride of Christ. Jesus spent a significant amount of time on his future bride as he cares greatly for her. His only desire is to see his bride ready for their wedding and the marriage supper of the lamb. Here are some of the messages Christ left for his bride.

Nurture life

Eve is the mother of all life. Pharaoh's daughter saved Moses as a baby. Deborah the prophetess reminded a broken Barak of who God called him to be as a leader. Mary of Nazareth was chosen to carry Jesus to term. From a baby Jesus to a grown Barak, our women have always been the ones to nurture and support the man. With all power given unto Jesus Christ the husbandman, all that he desires from his bride is to love. How do you show love to Jesus? Stay faithful.

Wake up

When Jesus raised the damsel from the dead, notice he used the term sleep rather than death as we use today. Being spiritually asleep is likened to death. The damsel was twelve years old at the time. Christ came to awaken the sleeping damsel much like he came to awaken the twelve tribes of Israel. The bride of Christ must wake up. You cannot attend a wedding if you're still resting.

You don't have to hide

The woman at the well and the woman taken in adultery were ladened with sins but well received by Jesus. The water that the woman at the well sought after, paled in comparison to the water of the word that Christ could provide. The bride of Christ had previously rejected him and he calls us to receive his word much like one would receive a marriage proposal. The adultery of the second woman could be likened to the spiritual adultery that the bride of Christ committed by indulging in the carnal spirit of the world. She was brought to Christ much like God calls his people back to him in Revelation. The two women represented a bride who came face to face with the love and forgiveness of God.

I will re-cover you

On the way to raising a young damsel from the dead, Jesus encountered a woman with a long term issue of blood. The woman had trusted in the world to heal her to no avail and it almost cost her everything. At the last second, she reached out her hand to Jesus and was healed. The garment of Jesus symbolically represented his covering. Much like Elijah left his cloak for Elisha and Adam and Eve sought to cover themselves in the garden, our covering has great significance. Jesus is our covering. His sacrifice served to re-cover us after we were found naked due to sin. When he re-covers us, he even gives us a ring. Nothing but the best apparel for the bride of Christ.

You will be opposed but emerge

In the book of Esther, queen Vashti was greatly desired by King Ahasuerus. Vashti refused to come to the King, so he turned to Esther and made her queen instead. The King's right hand man, Haman, would find issue with Mordecai for refusing to bow to him. In his vengeance, Haman planned to persecute Esther's people but failed as her desperate plea to the King was heard. In the end, Haman and his people were destroyed instead. The world envies the bride of Christ. There is an enemy roaming around using whom he can to plot against the bride but his plans will always turn against him if we make our petition to God.

You are mine

Ruth was faithful to God and married to Boaz, a man from David's lineage. She was called the “wife of the dead” and her field was “purchased to raise up the name of the dead upon his inheritance”. The bride of Christ was dead in her sins but the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ purchased his bride back.

Preserve yourself and be ready

In the parable of the ten virgins, there were five who made it to the marriage supper and five that did not. The five foolish had desired to be at the marriage but they failed to keep themselves ready. They failed to preserve the oil in their lamps so they could not find their way. Keep your mind on the word of God and draw near to his spirit before that light is put out.

I will call you by name

After the resurrection but prior to him returning to the Father, Jesus Christ appeared to Mary. Much like the woman at the well, Mary could not recognise Christ at first. Jesus called her by name and she now turned to him knowing that he was the Lord. When we turn to the Lord, the veil shall be taken away.

Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb.

Revelation 19:9

For many are called, but few are chosen.

Matthew 22:14