Prayer: Troubling times

We desire fantasy because sometimes reality is too difficult to accept. Sometimes I can relate as when I see the state of things around me it saddens me. We cry out more for money and holidays lost than lives lost. We stand when the world stands, not when our conscience tells us to stand. We plead ignorance because "it's the way it's always been" with no desire for change. Our livelihoods politicized and used to gain strongholds while the real strongholds are never addressed. I feel powerless at times but I know there is power in prayer, so I will pray.

O Lord God so faithful and true

Hear my prayer for from a broken heart do I speak

The wicked run rampant as the just seek refuge

For the fear of God has departed from their minds

The persecutors are both judge and jury

Wicked lies in their hearts as they justify iniquity

For they believe you do not hear and your eyes do not see

A righteous God of equity shall not repay?

No man is too high to not fall away

Turn us back to you before we return to dust

For the wicked is victim to the deceit of his own hands

You reap in due season, our plans are not your plans

For the Lord our God is on the side of the oppressed

The meek shall inherit the earth and be blessed

Make your face to shine on those who magnify your light

May your word bring us comfort as the day feels like night

For the earth cries out for the lives of the innocent

And the just cries and sighs for the evils they witness

God will wipe every tear from the faces of his people

As we seek your face, your Kingdom shall be revealed

May your mercy endure until its time

The earth full of your goodness still hidden in mind

May your spirit be raised like a banner we wave

In the mighty and infallible name of Jesus Christ I pray,


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