It's time to break the generational chains

The world vs the Word. When you examine these two words that seem miles apart, they are actually only separated by one letter - L. The letter L has commonly been used to refer to the term loss. When you “take an L” it means you lost the game. Is it fair to say then that in order to gain the world you have to lose the word? This would explain why we become an enemy of God (James 4:4). Can you gain a loss? Sounds like an oxymoron. Well that’s where we find ourselves today – “Oxymoron Land”. A land where we move opposite to the way it was created and then ask why things go wrong.

The world has moved so far from the way God created that we're now racing into artificial reality. Since the beginning of time, we've been offered every escape imaginable to keep us away from the truth. Truth is there is no escape. The devil simply wants to fast track us to our demise. While he offers us his escapes, the Most High offers us his grace. By grace, Adam and Eve escaped the immediate judgement of sin. By grace, God offered the Israelites escape out of Egypt. By grace, we have the opportunity to live life with Christ and escape the daily sufferings we bring upon ourselves.

The days of physical slavery are long gone but mental slavery took its place. The devil didn’t retire, he’s still as active as ever. It would be foolish to think we could outsmart a being that was once deemed perfect if we’re not perfect ourselves. That perfection is only found in Christ Jesus. God built your house. Are you letting the devil live rent free in your head? Before my time came a cry for redemption.

Emancipate yourself.