I’m a Christian so I’m better than you

With all the uprising in the world, it’s naturally spilled over into my island of Trinidad. Protests over injustice have been met with judgement from a distance. I view this as an illustration of the church today. “Why can’t the world be more like us?” is normally the question posed by believers in Christ when they see all the carnage around them. We’ve been taught by learned individuals that the more “good” work we do adds to our imaginary Christian credit score. It hurts me to see the state of the body of Christ now.

Why would we expect the world to change if we preach half the gospel?

Why would we expect the world to change if we don’t know the gospel?

Why would we expect the world to change if we’re afraid to talk about things that make us uncomfortable?

The LORD left his word in the heart’s and minds of his children who are to be a light to the world. If that light is dim and gets dimmer over time, what happens to the world? It slips further into darkness. We like to explain away darkness by the actions of the accuser but we are the ones responsible. God gave us that power.

God has always left a remnant on the earth to be that light. Before turning your nose up at the impoverished areas of society and blaming the gang-life, ask yourself what did you do to change things? Was there anything Jesus could not do during his walk? He was out amongst the offenders, healing the possessed and those already condemned and abandoned by society. He set the template. The world does not change until we do.

Be that change.