God used imperfect people to create a perfect man

Our God is holy and he called us to holiness. What’s interesting is as we look through the scriptures, we notice that many of the greatest men of the bible were not always as holy as the Lord commanded. We often view godly men as the pinnacle of morality. True men of God would tell you just how flawed they really are. Isaiah, David, Solomon and Paul just to name a few all acknowledged their imperfection. The question is why did a perfect God use so many imperfect men to spread his word?

The answer is simple. We are human. The mere fact that we're not God means we are already capable of making mistakes. We might make mistakes but that doesn’t mean we give up. We see why we fell and do our best to apply those lessons in our walk moving forward. Among all the other wonderful lessons, the bible was a story of redemption. The redemption of men and women that followed God, stumbled, picked themselves up and continued to follow him the best way they knew how.

Simply following Jesus Christ does not make us perfect right away. There's a process we go through on that road to perfection. The final destination is the perfection we receive through Christ. The apostles were not perfect. The shortcomings of Peter in his walk should serve as an example. Falling is a part of the journey. Staying down is where we lose the battle. In the beginning, God commanded one creature to be on the level of the earth. He told the serpent to go on it's belly. He told the devil to stay down and that wicked spirit has been trying to bring us down to his level ever since. All manner of men fell over time but the righteous never stayed down. God made us to stand upright.

The mere presence of Jesus Christ in the flesh was a lesson in itself. Out of the womb of a woman who came after generations of imperfect men, came forth a man that was indeed perfect. God made perfection out of imperfection. This was his promise to us in the beginning. Even though you fell, trust in me and I will make you stand again.

I am no where near perfect. I'm thankful for this because my imperfections keep me humble. My imperfections allow God to work in me. Our imperfections allow God to work through us to create something perfect in his eyes. Let him work. Let the weak say I am strong.