Finding faith in a false world

When Jesus Christ returns, will he find you? We live in a dark world masquerading as light. Don’t get sucked into that darkness. Conspiracies have always existed. Don’t fear what the world fears, fear God. He protects those who fear him above all things. While the world itself is not holy, there is a remnant of people who hope for righteousness. Sadly, this remnant is what many refer to as “holier than thou” in a strange application of Isaiah 65:5.

The eye is the light of the body since it illuminates our understanding. If the light that enters you is of dark nature then that darkness becomes a part of you. We made it cool to be bad. Mike Tyson - Baddest man on the planet, Michael Jackson - BAD, Will Smith - Bad Boys. We all want to be bad but out of the same mouth proclaim how much we love God. I throw no stones as I was in the same boat. Then I realized that the things we brush off as innocent fun rest in our subconscious and write themselves into our DNA.

Where darkness dwells, God will not. The only thing light will do to darkness is overcome it. It does not mix nor does light succumb to darkness as long as that light lasts. Jesus Christ walked as the living light of the world. A dark world could not co-exist with the light of Christ so they sought to eliminate him. In doing so, they subconsciously said that we do not desire light in the flesh. This is true.

Our flesh does not desire God. It is a physical entity and physical entities desire other physical things to satisfy it. Nothing spiritual could ever please our flesh. Spiritual things bypass our flesh and resonate with our soul. We need food to survive naturally don't we? Be sure to feed your spirit as well.

God gave us words in the beginning. Those words were accompanied by an action. A word spoken travels via the spirit (air). If good to our mind it pleases us. If not we reject it. This is one of the reasons we often alter the meaning of God’s word. We love God but we also love to please ourselves.

We are human yes but we are children of God made for his glory first. Without faith it is impossible to please him. Make God the priority, pray as often as you feel the need to, give him the glory with a song of praise and practice humility by fasting. Let God restore your mind and guide you out of the easily accessible darkness of this world into the light of righteousness.

Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand

Daniel 12:10