A law is only as good as its people

The law is made to govern but the law itself does not govern. God gave man dominion. For example, the law of the land permits law enforcement to violate traffic regulations based on circumstance. Some might say this is justified based on their task of responding to emergency situations. There are however those who choose to take advantage of the privilege. In times past, I've witnessed situations where police officers came within inches of crashing into drivers that were following the traffic law themselves. Question is, if law enforcement takes the life of a law abiding driver, did the law fail or the people? Perhaps, the law failed because of the people.

Moses was the law. He was tasked with teaching and upholding, so no one can claim to know the law better than he did. In Numbers 20:8, God told Moses to speak to the rock in order to produce water for the people. Prior to this, in Exodus 17:6, he told Moses to strike the rock to produce the same result. Moses chose to stick to what he knew prior rather than trusting where God was leading him now. In so doing, the teacher of the law fell at the final hurdle (Numbers 20:12). He fell when he trusted his former self (Ephesians 4:22).

Striking the rock was symbolic of the law. The Most High gave the law to a carnally minded mankind because that’s all they could comprehend and were willing to listen to at the time. The teacher of the law fell before reaching God’s promise. That should tell us all something. The law can only take us so far. God’s law is perfect but our inability to let go of our old ways prevents us from going where God wants us to be. A lawless society is not one with zero laws. It simply has enough lawless people that the collective becomes lawless as a result.

It is not by our might or power but by the spirit of God that we become his (Zechariah 4:6). Notice, Jesus Christ gave us no more commandments in stone when we came. He “spoke” to the rock which the Most High gave us in the beginning. He spoke to our hardened hearts which needed to be circumcised by the sword of the spirit. God gave Moses the law in stone. The stone didn't make us perfect because man rejected it. That stone returned. That stone became spirit and the spirit is life.